Tuesday, August 7, 2012

12 String Sets

I just received a shipment of fresh 12 string sets in light and heavy from the good folks at La Bella.  The Mari family has been making strings for a couple hundred years and they know their stuff.

The heavies are my standard sets which I've been using for a while.  They are great for getting a Leadbelly sound.  The lighter sets were put together by Frank Basile and myself for more of a McTell sound.  They have a certain ring to them that the heavier strings don't, but lack the rumble of the heavy set.  Both are intended to be tuned down to C, B or A, and the lighter sets are usually more suitable for older instrument. 

If you're interested, they are $15 a set.  Contact me at todd at fraulini.com.

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  1. Are these the strings you use on a nine string?