Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Black Madonna

I recently finished a fun project, a fancy black Fenezia, aka. "The Black Madonna", with multi layered purfling, inlaid pickguard, faux tortoise headstock veneer, whale tail bridge and an ebony finish.  This guitar is similar to the Ernest Stoneman models that I've made in the past, and it's fitting that it has a black finish as Stoneman painted his Galiano black at some point in the 1950's.  I like to think that I did a cleaner job than Ernest.  The black finish makes all the details on the guitar pop, the purfling and the pickguard really come to life.  
The best part of the project was that it was made for a great player and great guy, Josh Smith, an L.A. based guitar player who is currently playing with the Raphael Saadiq Band.  It was great to work with Josh  and I look forward to hearing him play it some day.

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